• A KEYNOTE SPEECH that will inform, entertain, and inspire your people to action
  • A PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT PROGRAM that will drive change and improvement
  • A TEAM-ORIENTED STRATEGIC PLAN that will align your creativity and initiative with your vision and core values to create your organization's desired future
  • A MEDIA APPEARANCE that will add value for your audience
  • A WRITTEN WORK that memorializes and codifies the story you want your tribe to remember
Teaching. Writing. Speaking. Consulting.

Teaching. Writing. Speaking. Consulting.


I speak to educational and business organizations, conferences, and general audiences on topics relating to Open Source Learning, teaching, creativity, innovation, leadership, and management.

My talks at events like TEDxUCLA, the O’Reilly Open Source Convention (OSCON), the Royal Geographic Society, the MacArthur Foundation’s Digital Media & Learning Conference (DML) help leaders in education and business become more effective in delivering creative value to learners, customers, and collaborators around the world.

To inquire about specific topics and logistics please Contact Me.


I create and lead events and courses that inform, inspire, and empower participants to collaborate as they take their performance to the next level.  Whether you need a one-day meeting or a comprehensive program, whether you want participants to learn technical concepts or lead a cultural shift, we can work together to ensure that the right people can find, master, and use the right information at the right time.

Strategic Planning

I design processes that bring group members together as teams to align their efforts to identify opportunities, solve problems, and envision a future worth actively creating.


I provide informed, inspiring, sometimes humorous and occasionally jaw-dropping views on education, learning, organizational systems and the influence of technology and popular culture.


I write. There is an art to codifying and memorializing your ideas in ways that tell a story.  We can accelerate your audience’s learning curve by creating written resources that tell your story and provide lasting reference materials for your curriculum or organization.